Meet V-Drive, the pinnacle of technology and aesthetics! While it stands out with its design with minimal effects, it makes a difference with its one-piece cover produced with 100% domestic technology, which can be opened and closed without touching it via sensors. The V-Drive has been designed for you with the color transition lighting system in the module that adapts to every environment and the functional parts preferred in every detail.



Combining luxury with elegance, Indigo will attract you at first sight with its soothing shades of blue. Indigo, which has a vintage look with aged silver and aged bronze handle options, creates a timeless atmosphere in your kitchen thanks to its crown and light bands. With its unique design, Indigo goes beyond what you expect from a kitchen and turns into the starting point of a pleasant life.


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With its timeless lines and striking design, Corallo brings elegance to your kitchen.



The heart of the city is now beating in your kitchen with Lusso! Vivid design, modern lines and smart solutions are in this kitchen!



The impressiveness of simplicity comes to life in Sapphire. With its noble lines and modern touches, Sapphire is stylish and charismatic.

Zaffiro S


Zaffiro S will fascinate you with its soft lines and elegant beauty. With a new color option and curved handles. Zaffiro S is the choice of those who enjoy meticulous details.



Imagine a timeless and flawless kitchen that adds value to your every moment; You will have many adventures to discover in the adventure of life with Opera, which has a design line that will add pleasure to the pleasure you get from life, blue tones that make you feel special and give life to extraordinary excitement, and bronze, gilding, silver and copper color options that can be applied on the covers…



The brightest star in the sky is in your kitchen. Capella is the shining star of your kitchen with its brand new colors and exciting design.



Giving life to wood with a modern design approach, Matrix is indispensable for those who prefer a futuristic kitchen with its contemporary lines and design.